🔥🐾RadiPux Updated Distribution Strategy

By adjusting the RadiPuxDistribution model, we seek to optimise accessibility, affordability and utility for early adopters and collectors alike.


RadiPux, BCO’s seed crowdfunding project, is thrilled to announce a strategic shift in the distribution of our much-anticipated 10,000 unique PUX.

Initially, our strategy was to release these assets in three batches with increasing prices.

However, post-Babylon, we’re adapting to the capabilities of our marketplace of choice, RadishSquare.

Individual pricing

We’re introducing individual pricing, ranging from $XRD150 to a max of $XRD1,000, based on the rarity of each PUX.

This approach not only combats the challenge of ‘cherry pickers’ targeting rare assets at lower prices but also opens the door for enthusiasts to choose their favorites freely.

The beauty of this strategy lies in its inclusivity – every PUX, regardless of rarity, offers the same VIP access to our upcoming game, ⚔️ Battle Cards Online.

While this adjustment even slightly lowers the potential total revenue, it also brings down the average price, making PUX more accessible to a broader audience.

We believe this updated pricing model aligns perfectly with our mission: to offer unique, valuable, and fair opportunities to our community. So, what are you waiting for…?

Adopt your personal $PUX, NOW!

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