!!! We felt extraordinarily bold and decided to launch our Litepaper in v0.9 as a working document. We tried to channel all information around the game, and equally important, the community-first ecosystem around it, within one large document. We are aware that we have a few “holes” and many WIP topics running, and we are open to feedback and ideas. We still hope also in this early stage the Litepaper helps to create a “good enough” overview in regards what we are looking to kick off and help the community achieve by engaging with Battle Cards Online.

Disclaimer Roadmap & Litepaper

Battle Cards Online is in very early stages in terms of technical development, but it is far from being vaporware!
The concepts, rules of play, Tokenomics and team building is going on for some time now. We will constantly update this page with a clear Roadmap and also the project’s Whitepaper, which currently is reworked due to some (very positive!) changes and extensions that are going to be implemented.
There will be Game Demos and a presale for Game Assets (Card Packs) before the official launch, but these we will only announce when the technical development and above mentioned assets allow for a proper preview of what you’d be buying into.