So who’s behind this great vision of this community-centric Trading & Battle Cards game?
Battle Cards Online is an ambitious, privately & crowdfunded gaming project lead by Aamer, Florian & Tobias, supported by awesome friends, colleagues, supporters & advisors.
We are a group of Radix DLT & Gaming enthusiasts with various high profile projects within & beyond the Radix community.

Together, we form Code Is Art, the Radically Different Gaming Syndicate.

Core Contributors

Operations Ninja

AamerProjects: Battle Cards Online, RadiPux 

Boss Technology Nerd

FlorianProjects: Battle Cards Online, RadiPux 

Master of Desaster

TobiProjects: Battle Cards Online, RadiPux 


Game Changer

MikeProject: Battle Cards Online 

Godot Engine Wizard

AdamProject: Battle Cards Online 

Godot Engine Padawan

DavidProject: Battle Cards Online 


The Grey Eminence

JohnProjects: Battle Cards Online, RadiPux

Chief Food Processor

KarlProjects: Eat, Sleep, Repeat


MarcoProject: Ociswap

Goblet of Imagination

合lexProject: Dogecube

Please note: due to the community origins of this project, some team members prefer to run their engagement in stealth mode. Core members are known and/ or KYC’d towards core projects/ entities in the Radix ecosystem though, so if you feel you need a reference, let us know and we’re happy to connect!

So much to do (aka “Jobs”):

You feel enthusiastic about BCO and would like to join? We are looking for Community Wizards, Marketing Magicians, Development Ninjas & Art Warriors to accelerate our journey.