The Genesis Metaverse

In a groundbreaking quantum experiment conducted simultaneously across multiple parallel universes, the unintended result was the irreversible collapse of all known realities. This cataclysmic event shattered the boundaries of time and space, merging universes and timelines into a single entity that simultaneously ended, began, and evolved existence.

From the swirling remnants of cosmic time, a new universe emerged, encompassing every dimension and era. This reborn reality came to be known as Genesis. Its diverse inhabitants, though varied in appearance and ability, found themselves bound together by a mysterious universal force.

The fusion of these once-separate entities into a unified whole initially seemed like a blessing. Language, heritage, and culture no longer divided the denizens of Genesis, and even death held no sway over them. However, their newfound immortality soon proved to be a double-edged sword. Ruthless and brutal individuals and clans still discovered that they could somehow gain superior strength and powers by accumulating devastating victories over others, driving the nascent civilizations into madness and unbridled chaos and raising clans and societies again. The invisible force honored responsible for this violent transfer of power gained the name “Precious” for earning it being so costly.

Desperate for balance and tranquility, the most brilliant minds from the Might, Mystic, and Tech factions finally discovered and isolated the essence connecting all of existence with the remnants of the old worlds, sparking incredible powers and abilities in living beings and items alike, and gave it the scientific name “BattleXP”. They began to harvest this vital substance, which soothed and nourished the ever-expanding minds of Genesis’ immortal beings. While the news for the proof of the existence and usability of BattleXP spread like wildfire across Genesis, most societies, particularly the ones that made it part of their culture, kept the accustomed name Precious which became the most coveted treasure, sought after by all.

Yet, Precious was not without its flaws. Its unstable nature caused it to crumble into cosmic dust, reassembling in locations where there were imbalances in space or time, or where it was actively nurtured or harvested.

In the present – which could just as easily be the past or the future – beings of Genesis engage in trade, harvest, and duels for the invaluable Precious. Massive arenas and clandestine battlefields set the stage for tournaments and duels, where opponents defend their own Precious and pursue that of their adversaries.

Welcome to Battle Cards Online, the Web3 Battle & Trading Card Metaverse with limitless possibilities set within the ever- expanding universe of Genesis.

Regions & Characters

Battle Cards Online Genesis kicks off with an inital set of 8 regions, unlocking over Phase 1 of the game’s release.

Each region is inhabited by their unique character classes, living in villages and cities, competing on battle grounds and in arenas.

While regional maps will roll out one by one, the 8 starter Character classes will unfold, each with their unique skillsets, strengths and weaknesses:
Be excited to meet Berserker, Techie, Warrior, Rogue, Tank, Mage, Summoner and Assassin, across 3 factions: Tech, Power and Magic.