The Genesis Metaverse

In a groundbreaking quantum experiment conducted simultaneously across multiple parallel universes, the unintended result was the irreversible collapse of all known realities. This cataclysmic event shattered the boundaries of time and space, merging universes and timelines into a single entity that simultaneously ended, began, and evolved existence.

From the swirling remnants of cosmic time, a new universe emerged, encompassing every dimension and era. This reborn reality came to be known as Genesis. Its diverse inhabitants, though varied in appearance and ability, found themselves bound together by a mysterious universal force.

The fusion of these once-separate entities into an unified whole initially seemed like a blessing. Language, heritage, and culture no longer divided the denizens of Genesis, and even death held no sway over them. However, their newfound immortality soon proved to be a double-edged sword. Ruthless and brutal individuals and clans still discovered that they could somehow gain superior strength and powers by accumulating devastating victories over others, driving the nascent civilizations into madness and unbridled chaos and raising clans and societies again. The invisible force honored responsible for this violent transfer of power gained the name “Precious” for earning it being so costly.

Battle Cards Online - Genesis concept art
(early concept art, subject to change)

Desperate for balance and tranquility, the most brilliant minds from the Might, Mystic, and Tech factions finally discovered and isolated the essence connecting all of existence with the remnants of the old worlds, sparking incredible powers and abilities in living beings and items alike, and gave it the scientific name “BattleXP”. They began to harvest this vital substance, which soothed and nourished the ever-expanding minds of Genesis’ immortal beings. While the news for the proof of the existence and usability of BattleXP spread like wildfire across Genesis, most societies, particularly the ones that made it part of their culture, kept the accustomed name Precious which became the most coveted treasure, sought after by all.

Yet, Precious was not without its flaws. Its unstable nature caused it to crumble into cosmic dust, reassembling in locations where there were imbalances in space or time, or where it was actively nurtured or harvested.

In the present – which could just as easily be the past or the future – beings of Genesis engage in trade, harvest, and duels for the invaluable Precious. Massive arenas and clandestine battlefields set the stage for tournaments and duels, where opponents defend their own Precious and pursue that of their adversaries.

Welcome to Battle Cards Online, the Web3 Battle & Trading Card Metaverse with limitless possibilities set within the ever-expanding universe of Genesis.

Regions & Characters

BCO Genesis concept art
(early concept art, subject to change)

Battle Cards Online Genesis kicks off with an inital set of 8 regions, unlocking over Phase 1 of the game’s release.
Each region is inhabited by their unique character classes, living in villages and cities, competing on battle grounds and in arenas.

While regional maps will roll out one by one, the 8 starter Character classes will unfold, each with their unique skillsets, strengths and weaknesses:

Berserker, Techie, Warrior, Rogue, Tank, Mage, Summoner and Assassin, across 3 factions: Tech, Power and Magic.

Find out more about each region, its classes & origins below:

A cold and mountainous region, Nordhelm is home to the powerful Berserker class. The region’s capital, Bloodcrag, is a fortress city built into the side of a massive cliff. The Northern Peaks, a range of towering mountains, dominate the landscape, and are the source of many legends and myths. The Great Frost Arena, is a place where the fiercest battles take place, with the chilling winds howling through the stands.


The Berserker class holds a fearsome reputation. Hailing from the rugged, windswept lands of the Vehement Expanse in the region of Nordhelm, these mighty warriors embrace chaos and channel their inner fury to devastating effect on the battlefield.

As the legend goes, the first Berserker was a warrior named Torag, who lived in a remote village in the Vehement Expanse.

Torag was a loyal and courageous fighter, but he struggled to control his inner rage.
One fateful day, his village was raided by marauders from a rival faction. Overwhelmed with fury, Torag single-handedly drove off the invaders, leaving nothing but destruction in his wake.

The villagers were both awed and terrified by his ferocity, and a new legend was born. Torag’s descendants and those inspired by his story founded Bloodcrag, Nordhelm’s capital and dedicated their lives to honing their strength and embracing their rage. They forged a warrior class that became known as the Berserkers.

These fearsome fighters wield enormous weapons and wear minimal armor, relying on their sheer power and resilience to overcome their enemies. While not the fastest or most mobile fighters, their raw strength and ability to withstand pain make them a force to be reckoned with.

Berserkers enter a state of unbridled fury in the heat of battle, channeling their ancestors’ rage to unlock incredible power. This fearsome ability has earned them both respect and fear among the inhabitants of Genesis.
Their mere presence on the battlefield is enough to send shivers down the spines of their enemies.

Choose the Berserker class in Battle Cards Online and dominate your foes with brute strength and unwavering resolve. Unleash the power of rage and become a living legend in the Genesis Metaverse!

TORAG, the Berserker

A futuristic and technologically advanced region, Mechatron is the birthplace of the Techie class.
It’s capital, Nexus Citadel, is a shining city filled with advanced infrastructure and awe-inspiring architecture. The region is dotted with research facilities, power plants, and vast networks of interconnected transport systems. The Circuit Coliseum, a high-tech arena in Mechatron, hosts epic battles that showcase the innovative gadgets and strategies of the Techies.


The Techie class has made a name for itself as a brilliant and resourceful group of fighters. Hailing from the Nexus Union, a technologically advanced society from the region of Mechatron, Techies have mastered the art of using their intelligence and technical prowess to outwit and outmaneuver their enemies on the battlefield.

The story of the first Techie began with a young prodigy named Valdor, who was fascinated by the untapped potential of the technology left behind by the old worlds. Assembling and tinkering with the remnants of ancient machinery, Valdor sought to understand and harness their power to protect his people from the ever-present dangers of Genesis.

Over time, Valdor’s expertise and innovative spirit led to the development of an arsenal of advanced gadgets and weaponry, designed to turn the tide of battle in favor of his allies. His creations ranged from swift and agile drones for reconnaissance to powerful energy weapons capable of crippling even the mightiest foes. Valdor’s ingenuity and resourcefulness quickly gained his followers, who sought to learn his ways and become Techies themselves.

The Techies of the Nexus Union may not be the most formidable warriors in hand-to-hand combat, but their unmatched speed, mobility, and cunning more than make up for their physical shortcomings. Utilizing their arsenal of high-tech gadgets and tools, they control the battlefield with precision and unpredictability. Techies excel at disrupting enemy strategies, ambushing unsuspecting foes, and providing valuable support to their allies.

Choose the Techie class in Battle Cards Online and outsmart your adversaries with a combination of intellect and technological mastery. Embrace the power of innovation and become a tactical genius in the Genesis Metaverse!

VALDOR, the Techie

A rugged and fortified region, Ironhold is the home of the strong and disciplined Warrior class.
The Warrior’s Keep, the region’s capital, is a heavily fortified city known for its military prowess and strategic location. The surrounding landscape is filled with fortified towns, training grounds, and ancient battlegrounds. The Iron Gauntlet, is a massive arena hosting epic battles where the Warrior’s strength, defense, and speed are put to the ultimate test.


The Warrior class has long been revered for their unmatched courage, skill, and balance. Hailing from the Iron Summit, a society built on honor and discipline across the region of Ironhold, Warriors have been trained to excel in every aspect of combat, making them formidable opponents on the battlefield.

The first Warrior, according to legend, was a resilient and tenacious fighter named Arthas. Known for his unyielding spirit, Arthas sought to create a class of fighters who could adapt to any situation and face any challenge head-on. He established the Iron Summit, where he dedicated his life to teaching others the art of combat, forging an elite group of fighters who would become known as Warriors.

The Warriors of the Iron Summit are skilled in both offense and defense, mastering an array of weapons and tactics to ensure their success on the battlefield. Though their abilities may not be as specialized as other classes, their well-roundedness makes them a formidable force in any combat scenario.

Adept in both melee and ranged combat, Warriors strike with precision and power, relying on their strength and agility to keep their enemies on their toes. They are also skilled in defensive techniques, using their shields and armor to protect themselves and their allies from harm.

While the Warrior class may not possess the same level of utility as other classes outside of direct combat, their versatility and balance make them invaluable assets in any conflict. When faced with the unknown, a Warrior’s adaptability and unwavering determination can make all the difference.

Choose the Warrior class in Battle Cards Online and embrace the spirit of the Iron Summit, becoming a bastion of strength and skill in the Genesis Metaverse. With courage and honor, rise to face any challenge and emerge victorious in battle!

ARTHAS, the Warrior

A dark and mysterious region, Umbrage is the realm of the cunning and resourceful Rogue class. The capital, Umbra, is a city shrouded in perpetual twilight, filled with hidden passages, secret hideouts, and a thriving underworld. The region’s landscape is characterized by dense forests, treacherous swamps, and hidden valleys. The Veiled Arena, a hidden battleground in the heart of Umbrage, is where the Rogues display their mastery of stealth, speed, and utility.


The Rogue class has earned a reputation for cunning, agility, and the ability to manipulate any situation to their advantage. Originating from the shadowy realm of the Whispering Shadows in the region of Umbrage, Rogues have honed their skills in stealth, deception, and the use of various utilities and technology to outsmart and overcome their opponents.

The tale of the first Rogue began with a cunning and resourceful individual named Lyra, who sought to survive and thrive in the dangerous world of Genesis. Rejecting the idea of brute force, Lyra embraced her natural agility and intellect, mastering the art of stealth and subterfuge to outmaneuver her enemies.

As Lyra’s skills grew, she developed a wide array of tools and gadgets to aid her in her exploits. From smoke bombs and grappling hooks to concealed blades and energy daggers, she became a master of utilizing technology and utility to her advantage. Soon, others inspired by her prowess sought to learn her techniques, and the Rogue class was born.

Though lacking in raw strength and resilience, Rogues excel in speed and adaptability, using their wits and gadgets to outmaneuver their foes. Masters of stealth, they can slip in and out of the shadows, striking with deadly precision when least expected. Rogues have a talent for exploiting their enemies’ weaknesses and turning any situation in their favor.

In the world of Battle Cards Online, the Rogue class offers a unique and challenging playstyle, requiring players to think several steps ahead and adapt to changing circumstances on the battlefield. Embrace the cunning and agility of the Rogue and become a master of deception and strategy in the Genesis Metaverse.

Choose the Rogue class in Battle Cards Online and weave your way through the shadows, using your intellect, speed, and an array of utility and technology to outwit and outmaneuver your enemies. Master the art of the unseen and become a force to be reckoned with in the Genesis Metaverse!

LYRA, the Rogue

A resilient and enduring region, Fortis is the homeland of the indomitable Tank class.
The capital, Bastion, is a city built to withstand the harshest of conditions and protect its inhabitants. The surrounding landscape is a mix of rugged mountains, fortified strongholds, and impregnable barriers.
The Titan’s Stand is an arena where Tanks showcase their resilience, tactics, and ability to drain power from their enemies.


The Tank class stands as a bastion of resilience and fortitude. Hailing from the fortress city of Bastion, capital of the region of Fortis, Tanks are renowned for their ability to absorb immense amounts of damage and turn their enemies’ strength against them, making them an essential component of any team.

The legend of the first Tank began with a steadfast and indomitable fighter named Gavriel.

Unfazed by the overwhelming dangers of Genesis, Gavriel sought to create a class of fighters who could withstand any assault, protecting their allies and enduring the most brutal attacks. He established Bastion, a city where resilience and determination were celebrated and nurtured, crafting the Tank class from iron and stone.

Tanks of Fortis are trained to utilize tactics and weapons that not only maximize their own defensive capabilities but also draw power from their enemies to ensure victory. Their strength may be average, but their unmatched resilience allows them to wear down their opponents over time, using their enemies’ strength against them in a relentless battle of attrition.

On the battlefield, Tanks excel at just keep marching no matter what their enemies throw at them, or positioning themselves between their allies and their enemies, using their formidable defenses to shield their comrades from harm. They are also adept at employing weapons and tactics that sap the strength and resolve of their foes, turning the tide of battle in their favor.

In Battle Cards Online, the Tank class offers a unique, strategic playstyle that focuses on endurance and attrition. Players who choose the Tank must be patient and tenacious, gradually wearing down their opponents until they finally succumb to the Tank’s unwavering resolve.

Choose the Tank class in Battle Cards Online and embody the spirit of Bastion’s Stand, becoming an unbreakable wall of defense in the Genesis Metaverse. With unmatched resilience and the ability to turn your enemies’ power against them, stand strong and lead your allies to victory!

GAVRIEL, the Tank

A realm of elemental magic and wonder, Elementis is the domain of the powerful Summoner class. The capital, Spirit’s Sanctum, is a city where the elements converge, creating an ever-changing and vibrant environment. The region boasts diverse landscapes, including enchanted forests, stormy coastlines, and volcanic mountains. The Elemental Conflux, a mystical arena in Elementis, is where Summoners call forth their Elemental Guardians and manipulate the elements in epic battles.


The Summoner class is renowned for their unique mastery over the elements and their ability to conjure mighty Elemental Guardians. Hailing from the mysterious region of Elementis, Summoners are adept at harnessing the raw power of nature to bend to their will, as well as bringing forth powerful elemental creatures to fight by their side.

The tale of the first Summoner began with an imaginative and resourceful mage named Elara, who sought not only to wield the power of the elements but to also give life to them in the form of formidable guardians. Establishing the city of Spirit’s Sanctum, Elara gathered those who shared her curiosity and ambition, teaching them the complex art of summoning and elemental manipulation.

Summoners of Elementis possess average strength and resilience, but their true power lies in their ability to call forth Elemental Guardians – golem-like creatures imbued with the essence of fire, water, earth, and air. These mighty guardians stand unwaveringly alongside the Summoners, providing unparalleled protection and offensive capabilities on the battlefield.

In addition to summoning Elemental Guardians, Summoners are skilled in manipulating the elements directly, using their arcane knowledge to unleash devastating spells and enchantments upon their enemies. Masters of strategy and adaptation, they leverage their elemental prowess to exploit their foes’ weaknesses and maintain control of the battlefield.

In Battle Cards Online, the Summoner class offers a highly dynamic and engaging playstyle, requiring players to think tactically and adapt to the ever-evolving conditions of the battlefield. Harnessing the power of the elements, Summoners call forth powerful Elemental Guardians and unleash destructive spells to overwhelm their adversaries.

Choose the Summoner class in Battle Cards Online and become a legendary wielder of elemental forces in the Genesis Metaverse. With the ability to summon mighty guardians and control the raw power of nature, lead your allies to victory through strategic elemental mastery!

ELARA, the Summoner

A land of ancient knowledge and magical power, Arcana is the home of the wise and versatile Mage class. The Academy of Arcana, the region’s capital, is a city filled with libraries, magical workshops, and arcane laboratories. The landscape is dotted with mystical ruins, enchanted springs, and magical ley lines. The Arcane Crucible, a magnificent arena within the lands of Arcana, is where Mages wield the power of Precious fueled Magic in spectacular duels.


The Mage class is admired for their awe-inspiring power, intellect, and versatility in harnessing the potent magic drawn directly from the universal force BattleXP, also known as Precious. Originating from the ancient and mysterious Academy of Arcana, Mages have devoted their lives to unraveling the secrets of Precious and mastering the art of wielding its magical essence.

The origins of the Mage class can be traced back to a visionary sorcerer named Eldareth, who discovered the innate connection between the universal force of Precious and the untapped potential of magical power. Establishing the Academy of Arcana, Eldareth aimed to create a place where knowledge and magical prowess were held in the highest regard, teaching others to unlock the secrets of Precious and harness its incredible power.

Mages of the Academy of Arcana are highly skilled in channeling the energy of Precious to create spells and enchantments of immense power, using their arcane knowledge to control and manipulate the very essence of the universe. Their power is extraordinary, and their intelligence allows them to adapt and dominate the battlefield, vanquishing their enemies with the might of BattleXP at their command.

While Mages possess average defense and resilience, their adaptability and magical prowess more than make up for their vulnerabilities. Masters of strategy, they employ their knowledge of Precious to exploit their enemies’ weaknesses, controlling the ebb and flow of battle in their favor.

In Battle Cards Online, the Mage class offers a highly dynamic and engaging playstyle, requiring players to think strategically and adapt to the ever-changing conditions of the battlefield. Harnessing the power of Precious, Mages unleash devastating spells and enchantments, overwhelming their foes with their unmatched magical strength.

Choose the Mage class in Battle Cards Online and become an adept wielder of the power of Precious in the Genesis Metaverse. With unparalleled power and versatility, tap into the very essence of the universe and lead your allies to victory through the strategic use of the boundless magic of Precious!

ELDARETH, the Mage

The region of Nocturne is a land of perpetual twilight, where the sun never fully rises nor sets, casting a dim, mysterious glow across the landscape. Home to the elusive and deadly Assassins, the terrain is predominantly composed of lush, dark forests and jagged mountains that pierce the skies, and it is said that the shadows themselves hold ancient secrets.
The capital city, Shadow’s Spire, is built upon a massive network of underground caverns, creating a subterranean metropolis illuminated by bioluminescent flora and fauna. In the heart of Shadow’s Spire, one can find the renowned Nightfall Academy, where Assassin students learn to harness the essence of shadows and darkness for their abilities.
The region’s Arena, known as the Eclipse Coliseum, hosts grand battles where combatants utilize the cover of darkness to surprise and outwit their opponents.


The Assassin class is feared and respected for their lightning-fast speed and deadly combat effectiveness. Hailing from the shadowy guild known as the Silent Blades, Assassins are masters of stealth, precision, and lethal force, making them a formidable presence on the battlefield.

The story of the Assassin class began in the region of Nocturne with a legendary creature named Zephyr, who was renowned for his unmatched agility, cunning, and lethal prowess. Believing that speed and precision were the keys to victory, he founded the Silent Blades, a secretive guild dedicated to training elite warriors in the art of swift and deadly combat, and build them a home in Shadow’s Spire, todayNocturne’s capital.

Assassins of the Silent Blades are among the fastest characters in the Genesis Metaverse, utilizing their incredible speed and agility to strike their enemies with lethal force. Though not as versatile as other classes, Assassins excel in their specialized role as masterful killers, delivering swift and decisive blows to eliminate their foes with ruthless efficiency.

Their “hit fast and effective” approach to combat enables Assassins to overwhelm their opponents before they even have a chance to react, utilizing their speed and precision to land devastating attacks with deadly accuracy. Skilled in the art of stealth, they can slip in and out of the shadows, striking fear into the hearts of their enemies.

In Battle Cards Online, the Assassin class offers a highly specialized and engaging playstyle, requiring players to think quickly and act decisively to secure victory on the battlefield. Leveraging their extraordinary speed and deadly combat prowess, Assassins dominate their enemies with swift, precise attacks that leave no room for error.

Choose the Assassin class in Battle Cards Online and become a master of speed and precision in the Genesis Metaverse. With unparalleled agility and combat effectiveness, strike fear into the hearts of your enemies and lead your allies to victory through the relentless power of the Silent Blades!

ZEPHYR, the Assassin