The Platform & Ecosystem

Battle Cards Online is the decentralised Trading & Battle Card platform to unite millions of TCG enthusiasts in a community where you can buy and trade NFT cards, participate in or bet on real-time battles and host tournaments in your owned arena for actual profit.

The ecosystem of BCO is created to be both simple and complex at the same time. Users can participate in their preferred way.
Users can for example interact as a:

  • Battle Cards player
  • Art creator
  • Investor
  • HODLer
  • Bettor

In every role, users can interact with a different involvement, offering both active and passive game experiences.

How does it work?

BCO is a platform that enable TCG gameplay and gives players the ultimate digital TCG experience through true digital ownership, enabled by NFT technology.
The BCO platform carries not only the battles itself but also other parts of the ecosystem:

  • Card owners can buy, own and trade cards as well as compete in 1 to 1 battles or tournaments
  • Arenas host tournaments, compete against each other to attract participants and bettors
  • Bettors place bets on preferred players
  • Integrations with key service providers for eg betting, NFT marketplaces and (crypto)currency swaps provide B2B business opportunities in the BCO ecosystem as well

NFT Trading Cards

Like physical TCGs, BCO cards have different traits that define their rarity, performance, cool-down time, and ultimately value. Each card is a valuable asset that allows you to participate in battles and earn payouts.
Unlike physical cards, a NFT based BCO card even allows for dozens of unique traits within one kind of card of a series, which adds tremendously to the intrinsic value of each single card.

Every NFT card may have a set of visible and hidden characteristics, here some examples (subject to change):
Visible: Type, Level, Attack, Defense and Utility & Speed

Hidden: Level of BattleXP

We use NFT technology to create and differentiate every card in the game. Cards are stored as NFT token.
Cards can initially be bought in booster packs or aftermarket on NFT marketplaces (in-game or third party).

Every NFT card’s general data is visible to the public.
Users can inspect card appearance, check its battle and owner history.
The hidden characteristics may represent a fungible component and are not publicly visible.The NFT cards have a level system. The level will depend on the battles participated, battles won, and overall activity on the platform. The higher the level, the higher the price. The cards can compete in arenas with same-level cards.

artwork preview; subject to change

Card Collection & NFT marketplace

NFT cards can be sold through the integrated marketplace or any other tech-compatible NFT marketplace. The owner has complete control of their NFT cards and BCO tokens stored in an assigned wallet.

The player can buy both randomly generated or specific cards.
The cards can be sold for a fixed price or via auction.

If the user decides to buy a card from the marketplace for a fixed price, BCO tokens are being written off from their wallet. Purchased NFT cards are accounted to their wallet.

If the user has purchased a card for a fixed price from another user, NFT card ownership is reassigned to the corresponding buyer’s wallet. BCO tokens are reassigned to the user that sold the card.All in-game assets are represented in fiat and $BCO. However, all the transactions are made exclusively in $BCO, which guarantees constant token volume and circulating supply.