Round Based Strategy & Next Generation Digital Trading Cards Game

Enjoy for Free, excel in Web3!

Each Character Class can be played in exciting strategic duels versus other Battle Cards Online players. Test strategies, apply unique skills and learn differences, all while diving into the post apocalyptic universe of Genesis.

To advance your game and rewards, summon your unique, limited edition character card & deck in beautiful Pixel Art!

When not battling other players, you can freely collect & trade your unique, precious digital assets thanks to the true digital ownership BCO offers thanks to cutting edge Web3 technology*.

All this while enjoying industry leading speed and efficiency of Radix‘ Distributed Ledger Technology, on which Battle Cards Online is exclusively built on from scratch.

Made by TCG enthusiasts for TCG enthusiasts

Developed and presented by Code Is Art, a group of Game & Web3 enthusiasts, Battle Cards Online as a community-centric ecosystem aims to cater to all TCG enthusiasts’ interests:

No matter if you’re a rather casual or competitive player, a card trader or a collector & HODLer, there’s something in BCO for each of you!

You’re an artist or game design enthusiast? Submit new artworks & ideas, have the community vote for your submission & get rewards when accepted into the game!

We have a big, BIG vision for the ecosystem around the game, and we aim to make you its most precious and driving asset.

Battle Cards Online Genesis Edition is set to launch in early/ mid 2024.

While being still very early in the technical execution (so only few gameplay screenshots yet, as well as visuals under full development), the concept for game and ecosystem is now at a level we are confident to announce the project.

With us being busy on all ends preparing and building BCO to a playable first version, don’t miss out on any news by joining our Telegram & Twitter channels!