NFT-based Trading & Battle Cards Game

Finally, great looking NFTs with a real use case!
Each NFT-based playing card is going to be usable within the BCO ecosystem, as well as being brought outside.

When not battling other players, you can collect & trade your precious cards thanks to the true digital ownership NFT technology provides and its ability to cater unique traits on card variations.

All this while enjoying industry leading speed and cost efficiency of Radix‘ Distributed Ledger Technology, which Battle Cards Online is exclusively built on from scratch.

Made by TCG enthusiasts for TCG enthusiasts

As a community-centric TCG, Battle Cards Online aims to cater to all TCG enthusiasts’ interests:

No matter if you’re a rather casual or competitive player, a card trader or a collector & HODLer, there’s something in BCO for each of you!

You’re an artist or game design enthusiast? Submit new artworks & ideas, have the community vote for your submission & get rewards when accepted into the game!

We have a big, BIG vision for the ecosystem around the game, and we aim to make you its most precious and driving asset.

Battle Cards Online Genesis Edition is set to launch in 2023, after the launch of the Babylon release of Radix DLT.

While being still very early in the technical execution (so no fancy gameplay screenshots yet), the concept for game and ecosystem is now at a level we are confident to announce the project.

With us being busy on all ends preparing and building BCO to a playable first version, don’t miss out on any news by joining our Telegram & Twitter channels!