Battle Cards Online LitePaper (v0.9.2) – WIP version April 2024


Problems targeted

Huge unfulfilled demand for games with sustainable & profitable in-game features

For ages already, it goes like this: „You wanna play? You gonna pay.“

GamingTrading & Collector CardsBetting and the Crypto industries each are booming multi-million-dollar industries which are poised to continue to rise vastly in the coming years. 
In fact, even the boundaries between gaming, collectibles and betting already become blurred.
However, there are not any major games in the market aimed at pro-actively benefitting their players.

While there are myriads of options for trading your hard earned cash via in-app purchases for in-app currencies and in-app equipment like weapons, outfits and other in-app stuff (you see the pattern. You are trapped… yep… in-app.), these items usually have no other use nor value outside of the player experience within that particular game.

We believe that the ability to trade single items or collections, as well as actually converting these back into Crypto (or even FIAT) assets which you could utilise outside of the game, poses a vast opportunity for all participating parties.

Successful games already attract great communities today without these abilities, but usually community contribution really only means spending your spare time doing promotion and support for the original developers.

We believe there is a game-changing opportunity (see what we did here?) to reward community contributors (like eg lifetime royalty income for artists on subsequent sales of their work) and great ambassadors (eg on in-game success and many other mechanisms).


BCO fulfils huge demand in 4 separate multi-million-dollar markets

With a lack of games and betting/ gambling crossovers, slow and inconsequent digitalisation of the TCG market, general lack of transparency in betting and hard-to-understand modern savings & investment options, there is a huge niche for BCO.

BCO is the unique, decentralised TCG platform that will join millions of TCG enthusiasts in a community where you can buy and trade digital card assets, bet in real-time tournaments and host tournaments in your own arenas for actual profit along with building your own strategy to invest long-term in crypto and the rising metaverse economy.

BCO brings profit to players and community

The current gaming industry is far from being player-friendly. Everything is focused on spending in favour of the developer.
Usually there’s no “giving back”, let alone actually earning. 

One of BCO’s core user experience philosophies is to provide players and community with diverse ways to earn profit while playing along. There are many activities in the eco-system that allow users to earn. 

Users can earn actual profit by participating in many in-game and community activities: trading NFT cards, developing artworks, participating in battles, hosting battles and tournaments, placing bets, participating in voting, referral, reward, and bug report programs, investing in arenas, staking in their vault etc.

Fair and transparent

Decentralised solutions enable transparent, fair and safe gaming & trading to all participants of the platform. 

Digital Ledger Technology (“DLT”) provides an automated and reliable solution to many of the problems and inconveniences online gaming industries currently face. 
The main features DLT implementation brings to our digital ecosystem are: 

  • true digital ownership,
  • elimination of third parties,
  • faster & cheaper transactions

Personalized gaming experience

BCO offers a brand new approach to online gaming: personalised gaming and trading experiences beyond just the old one-way “dear customer, please hand us your money”.  We focus on making every user experience unique by offering many ways of participation.

NFT takes digital ownership to the ultimate level

NFT technology in BCO brings something the gaming industry has never seen before – unique digital assets that you can purchase, trade and use in-game as wells as make a profit from it outside of the game.

NFT guarantees the authenticity of each item and even allows to develop new use cases like portability into other digital ecosystems.