Secret RadiPux NFT


As teased in an earlier announcement, there will be a BCO x RadiPux Secret Character NFT, solely based on Karl, the grumpy family pug.
Now, here’s the twist:
This character will only be minted once, and its overall count will be determined by the amount of wallets HODLing 10 or more $PUX at the snapshot date (tbd, but we will announce this well in advance)!
If you HODL 10+ $PUX by that date, you will be guaranteed eligible for 1 Karl BCO character NFT.

By the math, there could only be a total of 1,000 Karl characters anyway (since there’s 10k $PUX, and you need at least 10 $PUX to be eligible), but realistically, this number will be much lower.
Within this character collection, you’ll also find rarities and traits, making this limited mint even more unique and sought after!

All we can say is: we believe we work on something outstanding, and if you like games and want to support Web3 gaming and our project, this is a great moment to do so 😉

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