Stake with Battle Cards Online: Support Gaming Innovation on Radix DLT

What was the RadiPux Validator on Radix DLT’s Olympia Release is now the Battle Cards Online Validator on Babylon. Stake XRD on our Top100 validator to support BCO’s development and the Radix network!

A New Chapter: From RadiPux Validator to Battle Cards Online Validator

We are excited to share a significant milestone in our journey. What was known as the 🐾 RadiPux Validator on Radix DLT’s Olympia Release, has now transitioned to the ⚔️ Battle Cards Online Validator on the Babylon Release. This change marks not only a technological upgrade but also a strategic alignment with our vision for Battle Cards Online.

To support Battle Cards Online, stake your XRD at our validator. Use this address:


Your stake is an important step in supporting the development of web3 gaming on Radix DLT.

About staking

In choosing to stake with us, you are directly influencing the development of Battle Cards Online, while reinforcing the security and functionality of the Radix network. Your involvement is invaluable in our journey to advance DLT gaming and maintain a secure, decentralized network.

Battle Cards Online, built on Radix DLT, leverages the platform’s advanced technology to offer a unique gaming experience. Our transition to the Babylon Release ensures that BCO operates on the cutting-edge of distributed ledger technology, offering players speed, security, and an awesome web3 gaming environment.

Your stake helps us develop a game that’s not only fun but also secure and technologically advanced.

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