The Story & Utility of RadiPux – Going beyond stupid .JPG’s.

There’s so much “stupid images” to buy which claim they are “digital art”, but with questionable value and utility. So, what makes RadiPux different? Explore the RadiPux pug-…uhm rabbithole with us!

The Story

OK, so you either got you some RadiPux, out of whatever reason, or you are close to pull the trigger on adopting some… But why?

While we’d not necessarily claim RadiPux to be a sophisticated art project, there’s actually some depth to their existence: One of our co-founder’s kids, then 11 and 12 years old, saw the craze around monkey and punk images being sold online for super expensive amounts of crypto money. So, a little smartass, they thought up how to also become crazy rich in no time of course. They quickly identified their grumpy family dog, pug Karl, to be the victim of their evil plan, so took a photo. Well, that’s where the story was about to end, since they were stuck at this point and not eager to shot thousands of photos of Karl (and Karl was not eager as well. Just hungry. And grumpy…).

So they asked one of these strange adults around them “Hey, how do these ten thousand unique images galleries come to life?” and so they explored together. Learned about layers of images and traits, and that these get combined by algorithms to form a 10k image gallery with no duplicates, but even rarities etc., which came in handy for our team mate, since we at this time were anyway exploring true ownership of unique digital assets for Battle Cards Online, our main project.

Then they sat there, in front of a screen with 10,000 Karls, now what to do?

Well, since the collection turned out to be somewhat funny and cute, we offered to make them part of Battle Cards Online, as a research & seed crowdfunding project for early adopters of BCO.

The Utility

So let’s dive into the initial utility you can expect as a RadiPux Holder, and the opportunities you might want to explore depending on your motivation in this space:

Collection utilities

Like basically all digital collections, RadiPux features several trait layers and rarities within these, creating unique artwork for each single of these 10,000 RadiPux. Got a golden Monokel? Awesome, these are super rare! Got the Moon background? same! But of course, not just hunting for rarities is fun, but also simply looking at the combos and even single traits. You love the blue tongue? We have you sorted. You like to collect special numbers like #012345, #10000, #06666? Enjoy!

Ecosystem utilities

This is where RadiPux really exceeds your common digital asset of any sort: As a PUX Holder, you gain these initial benefits, and we are working to broaden the use case within the Battle Cards Online (but also broader) ecosystem:

With PUX acting as your VIP Pass, you can initially get

– early access to the Battle Cards Online Prototype* – early access to the Battle Cards Online Pre-Sale* – per held PUX 0.5% discount on Battle Cards Online purchases, up to 10% max** – 25% higher rewards on Validator stake*** – higher rewards/ cheaper fees within BCO transactions like competition wins, card trades etc*** – a free, limited PUX Character Card in BCO****

We are also working on partnerships and further internal exclusive benefits for PUX holding supporters, and how these can in future further benefit.

Some details on these utility benefits

* playable Demo/ prototype and BCO Pre-Sale are date tbd; we aim at early/ mid of 2024

** this is going to be fun! So in the beginning you can hold as many PUX as you want, and up to 20 can get you a sweet 10% discount on new purchases of BCO assets. Life long, or actually as long as you hold the PUX! Now we plan to increase the % value of individual PUX over time (cap at 10% stays), so that if you want, you could start trading some PUX to eg new players, while keeping your 10% BCO discount benefit. This will work in steps of 0.5, 1, 2, 5 and finally 10%, so some day just 1 PUX will be enough to give you the full benefit. We believe this can support adding value to the individual PUX inside and outside the BCO universe.

*** wherever we might implement rewards, be it in the area of staking, game rewards, or where we might charge some fee (on eg trades), as a PUX Holder, you receive preferred rates. The full details are tbd and tested, but this area alone should over time “pay back” your PUX purchases easily.

**** Now, last but certainly not least, one of the team’s favourite, and a hidden champion: Once the PUX collection starts selling out, we’ll announce a particular deadline for an owner’s snapshot. And whoever at this point in time holds 10 RadiPux or more, will receive an exclusive Karl The Pug inspired Battle Cards Online Character Card, playable within the game. So, to repeat: the amount of Holders of 10 PUX or more, will determine the size of this once-off character collection. Naturally, there can be a max of 1,000 Karl Cards hence, but expect this number to be a lot lower! So if someone owns 50 PUX, they already decreased the total supply for the Karl Card by 4 (for getting 40 PUX over the 10 needed)… And with each Card again having trait layers and rarities, this will make for some of the rarest cards in BCO ever…

This is no financial advise. Especially when we talk about possible gains in value of the individual artworks and assets, this is something the users and markets decide, so nothing we can predict or promise anyhow. We are just writing off the experiences we ourselves researched, and what we work towards within the Battle Cards ecosystem. Please do your own research and judgements on the above topics.

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