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Tokenomics (“Token Economy”)

Dual Token System:
$BCO (“Battle Coin”) & $GGX (“Good Game, Radix!”)

$BCO & $GGX token are Radix based cryptographic utility tokens that can be used on the Radix DLT. 
$BCO is the primary in-game currency for trading, and $GGX is the secondary token for player progression and unlocking in-game features.
$BCO works as Battle Card Online’s platform currency and an independent store of value for users.

$GGX aka Good Game, Radix!, is a community reward token which will be used for eg Player progression rewards, in -game assets and to (temporarily) level up cards.

$BCO & $GGX utility overview

$BCO (BattleCoin)$GGX (Good Game, Radix!) 
Card Marketplace: Use $BCO to buy, sell, or trade cards within the in-game marketplace. Player Progression: Earn $GGX through gameplay, from activities such as winning battles, completing quests, or participating in events, to level up your account and unlock new features. 
Entry Fees and Prizes: Pay entry fees in $BCO for tournaments, seasonal events, and special quests. The collected fees are redistributed as rewards. Card Leveling: Use $GGX to (temporarily) level up cards, enhancing their attributes and abilities within the game. 
Card Fusion: Spend $BCO to fuse cards to unlock additional features, attributes, or levels. Seasonal Rewards: Accumulate $GGX in-game to climb seasonal leaderboards and earn exclusive rewards, such as limited-edition cards or NFTs. 
In-Game Store: Purchase cosmetics, card packs, and other virtual goods within the in-game store using $BCO. Access to Special Events: Reach a specific amount of $GGX to unlock access to exclusive in-game events, quests, or tournaments. 
Staking and Yield Farming: Stake $BCO to earn passive income in the form of more $BCO or exclusive NFTs. Card Crafting Material: Convert $GGX to crafting materials, allowing players to create new cards or upgrade existing ones. (tbd) 
Governance and Voting: Use $BCO as a governance token to participate in decision-making processes, such as game updates, new features, and ecosystem improvements. In-Game Store Discounts: Redeem $GGX for discounts or bonuses within the in-game store, incentivizing players to accumulate and use $GGX alongside $BCO. 
Referral and Loyalty Programs: Receive $BCO as a reward for inviting new users or reaching specific milestones within the game. Customization Options: Unlock unique cosmetics or customization options for your account avatar or cards by reaching specific $GGX milestones. 
Cross-Chain Swaps: Swap $BCO for other cryptocurrencies on decentralized exchanges (DEXs) or use it within other partnered games and platforms. Reputation System: Use in-game $GGX as a measure of a player’s reputation, with higher $GGX levels granting access to premium features or exclusive in-game groups. 

$BCO utility token


$BCO is the fuel to the whole platform. While BCO crowdfunding and marketplace may offer a variety of Radix ecosystem tokens to be used (like of course the native $XRD, or $GGX), all transactions will ultimately be executed using $BCO. 
Battles, tournaments, winnings, card- and item trades are done in $BCO and/ or $GGX, depending on the scope of the (trans)action.

All in-game assets are represented in selected currency – FIAT or crypto. However, all the transactions are made exclusively in $BCO or $GGX, depending on the item. This guarantees constant token volume and circulating supply.

Deposits via cryptocurrency or traditional payment methods like a credit card, PayPal, etc. would automatically and transparently be converted to $BCO which are then used to complete the transaction. 

Referral and Rewards systems use $BCO & $GGX. 
Wallet users, influencers, social media accounts, blogs, or news outlets will receive their referral rewards in $BCO, $GGX or a mix of both.

detailed utility plans for $BCO 

Example: User earnings

One of BCO’s core user experience philosophies is to provide players diverse ways to easily and instantly earn $BCO Token. All user earnings are paid out only in $BCO, $GGX, or a mix of both. 

Examples of opportunities to earn $BCO and/ or $GGX include:

  • Artwork submission
  • Trading NFT cards
  • Participating in battles/ tournaments
  • Hosting tournaments in arenas
  • Invest in parts of an arena
  • Betting
  • Referral programs
  • Reward programs
  • Bug reporting

Example: Benefits for game developers:

  • More revenue for game developers
  • Richer player base
  • Engaged players
  • Player retention

Initital Token Allocation

We are designing the BCO Tokenomics in a way to enable Battle Cards Online to become not just an asset for players, but to really bring Web3 based gaming to the mainstream.

Since we consider economic sustainability as crucial for the success of our ecosystem, $BCO tokens will be distributed in a sustainable way. We of course aim to reward early adopters, but we’re ensuring we can reward new & existing users for years to come.

Project contributors will receive $BCO as a reward (payment). This will only increase their interest in following and contributing to the success of the project.

$BCO will be distributed with a total, immutable supply of (1 Billion) $BCO, aka “Battle Coin”.
The project plans to distribute this initial supply initially as per the following:

Ecosystem & Rewards60% 600.000.000 
Game Development18% 180.000.000 
Team & Marketing18% 180.000.000 
Airdrops & Liquidity Rewards4% 40.000.000 

Details on supply use cases:

Ecosystem & Rewards

Game Development

Team & Marketing

Airdrops & Liquidity Rewards

Value Stability & Growth Measures

Next to providing a great game and ecosystem, BCO aims to put a particular focus to make $BCO a true store of value for users. To help with this, we aim to execute a range of measures, including but not limited to:

  • Encourage users to stake $BCO for rewards, which will lock up a portion of the circulating supply, reducing selling pressure and supporting token price.
  • Offer discounts or bonuses for using or locking $BCO within the game ecosystem, incentivizing users to accumulate and use the token, increasing its demand and value.
  • Monitor the Tokenomics and adjust eg staking rewards and referral incentives periodically to maintain price stability and growth.
  • Invest in marketing, partnerships, and collaborations to attract new users and increase the game’s popularity, driving demand for $BCO.
  • Continually expand the game’s content, features, and in-game items, ensuring long-term player engagement and a thriving ecosystem.
  • Implement referral programs to encourage players to invite friends and grow the user base.

BCO aims to combine growth strategies and value stability measures, so the Battle Cards Online project can protect value for early adaptors, while maintaining and growing an active user base and ecosystem.

$GGX utility token

$GGX will start off as an internal utility token, living solely within Battle Cards Online, $GGX gets converted into our universe from earning BattleXP within the BCO universe, and will initally be used to level up the player’s account, cards or items.
Please note that beyond above mentioned core mechanisms, $GGX utility is still under development.