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Market Overview

Video Games Market 

Out of the 8 billion worldwide population, 
3 billion people play video games
That’s already about 40% of the world population and a friggin’ billion more than just five years ago!

Asia has the highest level of gamers at 1.4 billion paying game consumers. 
Europe is second with 668 million paying game consumers, then Latin America with 383 million consumers + North America at 261 million.

The number of active gamers has been rising rapidly over the past decade, with the introduction of e-Sports, game streaming via services like Twitch and mobile gaming, to name a few. Gaming continues to grow each year and has even overtaken the music and film industry, making more money than both combined. 

The global gaming market reached a value of $180 Billion in 2020 and is expected to grow by another $119 Billion until 2024.


Sports betting market

The sports betting segment dominated the market in 2019 thanks largely to the growing use of digital platforms across the world. 
On top of that, rising disposable income in APAC has resulted in a higher spending capacity, which is also expected to contribute to segment growth. 
Today, live-action betting and fixed-odds betting are the most popular types of internet sports betting.

The global sports betting industry reached a market size of $203 billion in 2020 with no sign of slowing down.


Trading Cards market

Trading cards have been an exciting hobby sports card collecting began back in the 1940s.

Since some key players in that industry are not publicly listed, numbers of this industry are a little vague. So please allow to take The Pokemon Company (TPC) as an example, which is estimated to account for about 1/3rd of the overall market.
TPC in 2020 sold a staggering 3.7 Billion Pokemon Cards, at around $1.1B in Revenue (including their other business units like video games etc) and are said to have made around $170M in net profit. Even while these numbers are based on estimates, imagine the total market at around 2.5 -3.5x of this and it becomes clear it also represents a giant market, ripe for digital disruption. Speaking about digital: Imagine all the carbon footprint and waste of printing and shipping all these billions of cards, which are sealed in hundreds of millions paper, plastic & metal foil wrapping…

Distributed Ledger Technology impact

The integration of DLT technology into traditional gaming enables players to safely trade in-game virtual assets through smart contracts. 
DLT platforms use powerful data encryption technologies to ensure secure crypto token transactions. 

This allows game service providers and game developers to monetise their gaming services properly, even across platforms and ecosystems. 
A beneficial ecosystem as described will encourage more gaming companies to integrate DLT technology into their products to export assets and take others in, further broadening their reach into the already described vast growth market.

Saving/ Staking

Seemingly the total opposite of spending money on gaming and betting, nowadays everyone should be concerned about also building up savings strategies. 
With BCO we look to create the „accidental investment club“, which enables players to not just lose their spendings within the ecosystem as it happens in traditional games and betting business ultimately, but to learn about and participate in usually complex saving strategies, like investing in arenas (digital property) or staking (interest saving accounts). 
This is how BCO provides a fun way to play, but also to earn and (maybe even the hidden champion of BCO’s USP’s!) learn financial intelligence that can be applied in other areas of players’ lives. That’s quite a mission for a „game“!


All above described industries are booming and are expected to rise exponentially in the coming years already each on their own. 

With DLT and NFT technology approaching mass adoption, now is the best time to cross the lines and create a new platform that combines gaming, betting, trading and investing.

BCO is a combination of 4 significantly growing multi-million-dollar markets: gaming, betting and the future leader of the art market, NFT, all merged by DLT technology.