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Business Model


BCO can be monetized in various ways:

  1. NFT asset sales – there will be regular drops on the BCO platform where players would be able to purchase assets such as cards/ booster packs and arenas.
  2. Aftermarket trade: We would take a small fee from all transactions on the platform: NFT cards sales, battles, bets, deposits, etc
  3. In-game advertisements – we may allow arena owners to create paid advertisements on our platform to attract more tournament participants and bettors to their arena.
  4. Licensing royalties/ entry fees: depending the market direction, we may allow eg merchants or providers of alternative swap platforms, betting engines etc into our platform and charge once-of and/ or recurring fees for this.

Fee structure

Fees are applied on the platform for every transaction. The size of the fee depends on the form of transactions. 
BCO example fee structure (still work in progress as per April 2024):

Standard Trade Fees
NFT artist royalty 3 %
Marketplace fees 2 %
Platform fees 4%
-> total Trade Fees10%
Examples of other fees
Participating in the tournament 2% of entry fee
Betting on a player 7% of bookmakers profit
Deposit 1 %

Journey of a NFT

  • Team issued NFT sets:
  1. Drop by sale of randomised booster packs of X cards
  2. Players play cards and/ or keep them in their collection
  3. NFT can be submitted to Marketplace for sale or auction
  4. On each successful transfer, a fee is deducted during transfer of the funds.
  • Community submitted NFT’s:

– Team works with Artists on conform game integration

– on each successful transfer, artist receives a royalty cut from above fees

  • Cooldown: 

– Character cards have a cooldown once played 
  (aka time to when can be used next time); 

– Supporter Cards may have a cooldown or can only be used certain times before get destroyed

– cooldown may be minimized by spending Tokens

Growth Model

User acquisition strategy

Every new BCO user increases successful funding for the game developers. Therefore, it is vitally important to attract and maintain a large user base.

Our user acquisition strategy is built to systematically and sustainably drive users to the platform. The following section will present the four main pillars of our user acquisition path – Affiliate Programs, Influencer Marketing, Community Angels and Reward Systems.

BCO also provides various user-oriented profit methods for its user base. Users can earn by owning an arena, advertising, and hosting tournaments, creating and trading cards, participating in the tournaments, betting on tournaments, etc.

Also, it is important to maintain the existing user base, that is why the platform is planned to be expanded by adding new gameplay opportunities and NFT assets.

NFT marketplaces

There is a huge potential in cooperation with various NFT marketplaces. That would help the platform gain exposure and increase the player base. The players could also list their cards on various marketplaces.


Creating new assets and expanding gameplay

NFT assets such as defence or attack cards, treasures and other accessories would increase the player’s performance in a battle. That would also open an opportunity to create branded content with partners and influencers/streamers.

New generations of cards could be added regularly and would be sold exclusively via drops on the platform. New arenas and arena types would be introduced regularly.

Other projects with the same token

The platform would also create an opportunity to scale the project and create similar games using the existing mechanism and the same token which would result in increased token value and volume.